Ways to Find Best Low Cost Airline Flights

7 Secrets to find the best low cost

There are ways to find low cost that everyone knows, such as using a comparator as Skyscanner flight, of course. But if you really want to find the best low cost, you have to know these tricks. We reveal our top seven secrets, tried and tested by seasoned travelers, to help you always find the best low cost.

Secret No. 1: Sign up for email alerts from your favorite airlines
Although bargains on last minute flights are hard to find, if any, Hayles, although you have to know how to find. Move around everywhere looking for cheap flights on the websites of your favorite airlines and pointed at their newsletters. You can start, if you have not already, Skyscanner subscribing to the newsletter. Soon you’ll have your mailbox filled with news and deals of the day, new routes with special display input rates and, most importantly, low prices on last minute flights.

Secret No. 2: Book seven weeks in advance

Before, to find a flight that was a bargain usually you had to make reservations at the last minute, as airlines were desperate to get rid of the empty seats. Today there are many low cost airlines and business travelers willing to pay huge sums of money at the last minute that things have changed. Skyscanner has done a study to see which is the best time to book … and the results confirm that, as a rule, tend to 7 weeks before getting the best prices.

Secret # 3: Travel to all destinations
If you feel like exploring destinations that you just have not happened so far, this is the best way to catch flights at bargain prices.

With the search function “All locations” of Skyscanner you can find out where it is cheaper to travel as well as when it is cheaper to fly there.

Just enter the airport from which you want to go out and put the target cell “All locations”. If you’re really flexible, you can also select ‘full year’ in the box to the departure date.

Secret No. 4: Choose carefully your credit card
If you have a good credit standing, another way to cut costs on flights is applying for a credit card from an airline that gives you points (or miles) that can be redeemed for certain routes. These cards are a great idea to reduce the cost of expensive long-haul flights. Usually these credit cards are an extension of frequent flyer programs, and the more you spend the more points you get. The best way to increase your miles (no endeudarte) is to use it for everyday expenses (grocery shopping, fill up the car, dining out) and stick to your regular monthly budget. Remember settle the credit card in full each month to avoid paying interest: You can do it by direct debit, in case you have a tendency to mislead you.

Secret No. 5: Know the average price of the flight that interests you
As easy as knowing how much it costs on average flying to your favorite destination. So you know what prices are a bargain … and what not. Plus, you can choose the best time to book with the peace of mind that the price Earned is the lowest Possible days.

Moreover, remember that you can control the prices of flights that interest you with price alerts Skyscanner. Nothing easier than signing up and we will send you an email whenever the price to go to your favorite destination change. It is the best way to keep up … and if you see going up much, hurry and book before it gets more!

Secret No.6: Try the 24-hour rule

Some companies offer you a free refund if canceled within 24 hours, so stick with the fare you’ve just booked using price alerts Skyscanner. If the flight cost drops dramatically, cancel your original flight and the new book. So you save some money, but keep in mind that some companies do not offer this option and some may charge you a cancellation fee if you exceed the time limit of 24 hours.

Secret No. 7: Buy a ticket one way to your destination (and one for return)
Not always, but sometimes buy roundtrip flights in a company can be more expensive to buy two one way tickets from different companies. For example, you can fly from Madrid to Paris with Ryanair cheap flights then book a round trip flight cheap back with Easyjet. With this method you also have more flexibility because you can come back anytime and even returned home from another airport (cheaper).