Ways to Find Airline Jobs

The Middle East/ Gulf region is one of the top destinations for overseas employment for people from all around the world because of the highly paid jobs manifested by the cities’ excellent economy. Hence, many believe that getting a job in Middle East would actually settle them financially for life. These people try to get jobs in Middle East and actively seek them through various means.

Working in Airline is something special; you might get to one day fly in an airplane painted like a bird if you land a job with an airline. There are many Gulf jobs available including pilot, air traffic controller and airline attendant. This article includes information about the positions and what you can expect your daily duties to be with each.

There are some instructions in Airline jobs you have to follow:

1. Check with individual airlines. Airline companies have comprehensive job listings by qualification, position and location. Do a search at the airlines webpage to find airline jobs available near you.

2. Try job boards or employment agencies. Many large companies, including airlines will use an employment company to help find suitable applicants for jobs. Check online and offline for possible airline positions.

3. Be available for travel. Many great airline jobs require travel or relocation. If you’re in a position to travel or relocate, let the airline know this in your resume or application. The ability to travel could enhance your chances of being hired.

4. Know that extensive training may be involved depending on the position you’re applying for jobs in Gulf. Ask in advance what training is required for your position and how long training will be. Many airlines offer paid job training.

5. Understand that airline employees must pass rigorous background checks. Express any concerns and ask questions before applying for the job.

6. Better your odds. Flexible schedules and bilingual abilities will greatly improve your chances of getting an airline job. Be sure to point out these qualities in your resume, application and interviews.

Final Steps in the Recruitment Process along with Cash Benefits

After the selection process/interview, you will either be accepted or rejected for the position. You may need to complete some other tests, additional applications or other requirements. Lastly, Human Resources Employee Services will contact you to arrange your move to Dubai and any other details for you to start work. You will then sign all the necessary documents, including the official employment contract.

For Example, If you receive a job offer from Emirates Airline, it will offer you a complete benefits and salary package. Since most employees do not live in Dubai and must relocate from abroad, Emirates offers not only a tax-free salary, but it also provides accommodations or an accommodation allowance and transportation or a transportation allowance.

Other additional benefits for all employees are: a 30-day holiday schedule and an end-of-service bonus payment. For qualified employees in high-level roles, extra benefits include: free annual tickets to your home country, tuition reimbursement, life insurance, medical/dental insurance, retirement fund and a pension fund.