4.5 out of 5 stars 103. The travel distance and actuation distance are the same as any other Cherry MX switch with a 2mm actuation and 4mm total travel. Alle Cherry Mx Red Switches zusammengefasst. In this case, the Cherry MX Red switches win over the Speed Silver option. Cherry MX Red switches were introduced as far back as 2008. For example, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX White, etc. Photo by u/Lewfire. Cherry MX switches were developed and patented in the early 1980s and first marketed around 1985. Cherry MX red switches have grown in popularity significantly due to their versatility. More importantly, the switch underneath each keycap makes it worth using. iKBC CD108 v2 Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switch for Windows and Mac, Full Size Ergonomic Keyboard with PBT Double Shot Keycaps for Desktop and Laptop, 108-Key, Black, ANSI/US. There are a few other switches from Cherry MX as well. If you work in an office, I advise against these switches unless your workspace is busy and loud. Typing: Winner = Cherry MX Red. The Red is a light, linear switch that is almost silent when pressed. Upper Housing is a CAD high precision component made of plastic polymer. And even after the 100 million keystrokes, the switches will usually still work, they will just feel slightly different. The Cherry MX Grey is the equivalent of unicorn, you may spend your entire life trying out different keyboards, but unless you go out of your way to buy these specifically, you may never find one. The outer part is both the base and mounting surface for CHERRY’s mechanical keyboards. While Cherry MX switches are precisely toleranced, they do tend to feel scratchier than the competition. We gave you a quick overview of Cherry MX switches, and broke down what a clicky, linear, and tactile switch is, along with more details of each individual switch. On every keystroke they make a click noise and then bounce right back ready for some more clicking. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. We found out that a shorter actuation distance doesn’t actually reduce the reaction time, in fact, I found the Speed switch to make my gameplay worse because the different actuation distance threw off my timing in game. They have a 45g actuation force with a 75g bottom out force. How to Take Better Photos Of Your Keyboard (Among Other Things). I mean, how else are you going to show off your setup? We’ll go over all the different Cherry MX switches along with a deeper dive into the nitty gritty details. The reds have an actuation force of 45 cN which is the lightest out of the switches. Overall, Cherry MX switches are a great option if you’re looking for a long-lasting, incredibly durable switch, but they do slack a little when it comes to the overall feel and sound. Cherry MX Silent switches, the perfect switch for peace and quiet. This becomes especially important for gamers who spend extended time at their keyboards as it reduces typing fatigue. Some gamers find the Blue clicky switches to have a distracting and inconsistent feeling when button-mashing, so if you’re playing super competitive games, I wouldn’t recommend them. But after a while, you’ll adjust to the different feel of the switches. Clicky switches are perfect for strictly home usage. This style of switch is perfect for those who need a switch for typing because the bump provides great feedback and the overall noise level of tactile switches is not too high (although louder than linear). Plate mounted thing. CHERRY MX Red and CHERRY MX Red RGB switches are linear-style switches; their travel path doesn’t have the bump used to provide tactile feedback. Cherry MX Red- the most popular mechanical switch. In theory, this type of switch should be better for gaming because the shorter distance could equal a faster reaction time. That’s really the only application where these style of keyboards make sense. You can read more about them here. The Cherry MX Greens have a similar click noise to the Blues but with a more pronounced bump and heavier feel overall. Definitely not a good switch for those type as lightly. The Cherry MX Red switch has minimal spring force and no audible click but it will still make noise if you bottom out the keypads while typing. In my experience, I have found the Cherry MX linear switches to be overrated and slightly overpriced. Add To Cart Cherry MX Brown Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. Great for those with lead fingers who bottom out the lighter switches. Although being a tactile switch, many complain that the bump is not strong enough, and for that reason they prefer other tactile switches such as the MX Clear. Add To Cart Cherry MX Brown Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. Nur um es klarzustellen: Dies bezieht sich auf die Farbe des Druckpunktes im eigentlichen Schalter – diesen sieht man (durch die Taste, die darauf aufgesetzt wird) im normalen Gebrauch nicht. Bottom-out refers to pressing the switch too hard and slamming your fingers against the keyboard. You’ll basically hear the bump and the switch bottoming out on each keystroke, but it will not be quite as loud as a clicky switch. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. These are exactly the same as the Cherry MX blacks above but much lighter. Very strange experience overall. Many of the keyboards I think of getting come with browns, and if I got one I was planning on also buying o-rings to dampen the sound (I am more interested in the haptics rather than the sound of the keyboard). Brown Cherry MX Switches . 99. There are so many cool … There are two low-profile switches currently available, the Cherry MX Low-Profile Red and the Speed Silver. Blue Cherry MX Switches . Linear switches are buttery smooth and offer a consistent and even keystroke. Cherry MX Reds are a linear actuating switch with a relatively light spring force. The linear switching characteristic combined with the low spring resistance triggers directly. Before the production methods were changed, Cherry MX Blacks were much smoother to use. As the table suggests, the MX Red switch is linear, which means that there is absolutely no tactile bump. The MX Greens have an actuation force of 80g and a bottom out force of 90g. Cherry MX Blacks are nearly identical to the Cherry MX Red’s except they have a higher actuation force. The... We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Among Cherry's widely known products are its line of MX and ML key switches, including red, blue, and brown switches, that have been used in industrial electronics and point of sale environments since their inception in the 1980s, and more recently (~2008) by numerous … Why do some prefer Cherry MX Reds for typing? The shorter actuation of the Speed Silver can make bottoming-out much easier. Selbstverständlich ist jeder Cherry Mx Red Switches 24 Stunden am Tag auf Amazon.de verfügbar und kann somit sofort geliefert werden. Much like the Cherry MX Red’s, the Blacks are perfect for gaming and can be great for typing as well, although they are a bit trickier to find on a keyboard. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Cherry MX switches absolutely have the best quality standards and go through all sorts of rigorous testing. The reds have an actuation force of 45 cN which is the lightest out of the switches.. Das CHERRY MX BOARD 5.0: Mit extra großer und individuell einstellbarer Handballenauflage. Alles erdenkliche wieviel du also zum Thema Cherry Mx Red Switches recherchieren wolltest, erfährst du auf der Webseite - als auch die besten Cherry Mx Red Switches Vergleiche. Ergonomische breite PBT-Tastenkappen mit Neigungswinkel bei 7° und abschließbarer Win Taste. Although a pretty interesting attempt to improve normal switches for the purpose of gaming. Cherry MX Board 5.0 107,58 € Cherry MX-Board 5.0 Gaming Tastatur MX RED Switch Silent DE 107,90 € Cherry MX Board 5.0 - Standard - Verkabelt - USB 112,53 € Tastatur Cherry MX Board 5.0 deutsch schwarz/silber, mit Handgelenkauflage 113,19 € Cherry MX-Board 5.0 G80-3920LWBDE-2 Tastatur 114,99 € In addition, they are quite pricey, so they are not the best switch for someone on a budget. When comparing Gateron and Cherry MX switches, the main difference is the feel. Cherry MX Reds have a longer keystroke giving your fingers more cushion for typing. The Green switches are significantly heavier than the Blues and much less common to find. Der Taster mit der leisen CHERRY MX Technologie etabliert sich dank seines geringem Federwiderstandes und weichen Anschlags zu einer weisen Wahl. From a quality standpoint, Cherry MX switches win hands-down. The smooth-running CHERRY MX technology enables balanced writing and gaming sessions. Very loud. Some gamers may say the tactile bump can be distracting when trying to press the same key really fast, so keep that in mind. This switch has an actuation force of 65g and a bottom-out force of 95g. In addition, we found typing with a Speed Silver to feel more uncomfortable as the short distance led to more bottoming out. You’ll experience a pronounced tactile bump as well. Recommended for: Primarily typing. Price: US $90.00. A keyboard is a necessary part of any computer. Sort By: Show: Cherry MX Clear Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - USB Passthrough - Linear and Quiet - Cherry MX Red Switch - RGB LED Backlit 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,228 $120.99 $ 120 . Clicky Switches: Cherry MX Blue vs Green vs White. Furthermore, which Cherry MX Switch is the loudest? Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. Jokes aside, clicky switches are a viable option for those who like a keyboard that is LOUD. This red switching slide is responsible for the linear switch characteristics of the CHERRY MX Red. Deciding if you want a silent switch comes down to what you prefer more in a switch: sound or feel. The purpose of this guide is to cut through all of the confusion and help you pick out the perfect Cherry MX switch whether it be for typing, gaming, programming, or anything under the sun. From my experience, silent switches sound much better, but they feel a bit rubbery upon bottoming out. Although Cherry MX Browns are not clicky switches, they still put out a decent amount of sound on each keystroke. It has a compact form factor while also having some of the … My preferred silent switch is the Gateron Silent Red, as I find they feel much smoother than the Cherry MX Silent Red. These switches are perfect for those who like to game/type in a confined space with nobody else around. Jake has been an avid mechanical keyboard user for the past six years. Details about New Corsair Vengeance K60 Cherry MX Red Mechanical Key Switches Gaming Keyboard. You’re better off skipping this switch altogether and opting for a Brown or Clear switch instead. They’re widely known because of the features and specifications they pack. als MX Blue, MX Red und so weiter. We have found low-profile keyboards to be quite uncomfortable to type on, and are not great for writing long essays (or in my experience a 4000+ word article about switches), although some weirdos find them enjoyable because they feel similar to typing on a laptop. The Cherry MX Speed silver key switch closely resembles the Cherry MX red switch, but it is the only switch in the family that is not classified on the basis of color (it appears silver or grey). Cherry MX Red Switches www.hyperxgaming.com. These are perfect for gaming, although if you have lead fingers, these might not be the best option. Cherry MX Switches How They Sound & Feel (Blue, Red, Brown, Green, Black, White)In the market for a new Mechanical Keyboard? There isn’t much good information out there about the actuation and bottom-out forces, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s the similar to the MX Green switches. Cherry MX Switches und der Unterschied der konventionellen und mechanischen Tastatur. In this case, the Cherry MX Red switches win over the Speed Silver option. I'm wondering if it is a Red switch thing or a PCB vs. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Blue Cherry MX Switches . A clicky and bumpy switch with heavy resistance. If you have a lighter keystroke, this style of switch may fatigue your fingers, so it’s not for everybody. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and wants to apply his expertise to break down how mechanical keyboards and other tech work to show the world all of the cool aspects of the hobby. Bumpy switch with medium resistance. Inklusive HS-Technologie und beleuchteter, abriebfester Tasten. These switches have a shorter actuation distance, which means the switch does not need to be pressed as far for the key to register. They’re well suited for gaming and typing. If you do find mechanical keyboards to be too thick, however, low profile keyboards equipped with these switches can save your wrists from having to raise your fingers so high when typing and gaming. Add To Cart Cherry MX Brown Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. Bumpy switch with heavy resistance. Cherry MX red switches have grown in popularity significantly due to their versatility. The premium quality switches are manufactured in Germany, and are renowned for offering optimal actuation and … Therefore making them a better option for the … Similarly, you may ask, are Cherry MX Red switches clicky? … They are very difficult to find and in my opinion sound very strange. The keyswitch’s coil spring pressure resistance is the CHERRY MX’s sparring partner for your fingers. Mechanism animations by https://www.youtube.com/user/dacasman US$125.89 TAIDU TKM600 Mechanical Keyboard 104 Keys RGB Backlit USB Wired Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red/Silver/Blue Switch 0 review COD US$88.99 US$123.99 28% Off FEKER 61 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% NKRO bluetooth 5.0 Type-C RGB Cherry MX Switch PBT Double Shot Keycap Keyboard 9 reviews COD Greys are another variation of a tactile switch from Cherry, they are a slight derivation from the MX Browns, except they have a larger bump and are slightly quieter. Another clicky switch is the Cherry MX Green, also perfect for annoying everybody with. These are exactly the same as the Cherry MX blacks above but much lighter. Fun Fact: The original vintage Cherry MX Black switches are considered to be the holy grail of switches by mechanical keyboard enthusiasts (yes, this is a real hobby). A tactile switch has a bump on each keystroke which provides tactile feedback to let you know the key was registered. Picking out the right switch for your keyboard is a difficult decision. Along with a travel distance of 4mm and an actuation distance of 2mm. Lubing your switches is a great way to limit the amount of spring ping and scratchiness while simultaneously making them feel smoother and sound better. The Cherry MX Blue has a distinct “click” sound when depressed beyond the tactile point, making it the loudest switch in the Cherry MX family. From my experience, they feel like a scratchier, heavier version of a Cherry MX Brown. Cherry MX Blues are the hallmark clicky switch. You’re better off with a normal ol’ linear switch. I find the Gateron linear switches to be much smoother and cost efficient, plus they have more options available. Gateron switches are smoother, which make them feel better than Cherry. Well, that was a ton of information. Whether you want a smoother feel or higher durability standards, it’s up to you what you value more. Sort By: Show: Cherry MX Clear Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. To make your switches extra secure and stable, you can install switch film which will reduce the amount rattle and make them feel better as well. Gold-based, the crosspoint contact is the heart of every CHERRY MX keyswitch and the basis of its incredible reliability and durability. Dual-functional, the housing base component is made of plastic polymer and glass fibre. Cherry MX Browns have a total travel distance of 4mm along with a 2mm actuation distance. We also dug into the different switch terms such as actuation distance, travel distance, etc, and explained all the complicated foreign-sounding lingo commonly throw around in the keyboard world. They don’t have that “bump” other switch types use to … Cherry MX Reds are a linear actuating switch with a relatively light spring force. Each switch will feel heavier because the spring inside the switch is stiffer, which is perfect for those who have a heavy keystroke. Low profile keyboards are quite the rage nowadays, especially amongst the gaming community. Being comfortable while typing is an essential aspect of your keyboard. 100 % Anti-Ghosting mit vollem Tastenrollover auf USB. $82.14 $ 82. As a tactile switch, they are slightly louder than a linear switch due to the extra friction at the tactile bump. Cherry MX Red Switches, Gamer, die schnelle Action mit minimalem Widerstand suchen. HyperX Red key switches are linear-style switches. Silent Red Cherry MX Switches . Die Betätigungsgeräusche werden durch eine patentierte Dämpfung zuverlässig minimiert. Erfahrungen mit Cherry Mx Red Switches. The switch is nearly identical to the Cherry MX Black switch but feels lighter due to its linear action. Their name derives from the fact that when you press down their travel path is just a line. Gateron switches don’t last quite as long as Cherry MX switches, but as mentioned before, it really comes down to preference when picking out a switch. These switches encourage quiet keys, which makes them great for serene environments. The only niche usage for this switch is if you type super heavy like an ogre (I don’t know how ogres actually type, they could be very gentle) and you prefer a big tactile bump. As you can see, this switch is not for the faint of heart, but it can be incredibly comfortable for the right person. I’m just some person on the internet talking about switches. As someone who has struggled... Logitech G703 Hero Review: Wireless For a Great Price. If you are looking for a tenkeyless mech keyboard with high-quality PBT keycaps, the Durgod Taurus K320 is a solid choice. I was wondering if someone could advise on the relative (dis-) advantages on Cherry MX Brown and Red Silent switches? Cherry MX Red Switches www.hyperxgaming.com. I just tried to remove the mystery and confusion surrounding the switches, so you can learn all of the subtle differences. Switches can be broken down into three main actuation types: linear, clicky, and tactile. Ducky MIYA Pro: Favorite Mechanical Keyboard with Silent Switches . Let’s find out. CHERRY MX is the world leader in keyswitch technology and CHERRY MX switches are the absolute industry benchmarks, developed and manufactured in Germany. Arrives before Christmas. We’ll go over the Cherry MX switches in each category and explain the differences. New Corsair Vengeance K60 Cherry MX Red Mechanical Key Switches Gaming Keyboard. Due to the straight TLS surface, the switch triggers directly. They double the lifespan of their competitors switches which usually is around 50 million. The key cap is attached on the upper part of the stem. Cherry MX Browns are the most common switches currently available; they are a perfect fit for typing and can be great for gaming as well. When switches and keyboards are manufactured there a slight deviations in the product that make the switches not fit perfectly snug. The rubber will reduce the sound level when the stem strikes the lower switch housing and when the key is released and springs back up. The MX Red switches (which I received) were designed for gaming and have a low actuation force, allowing for rapid actuation. Brown Cherry MX Switches . Auf den ersten Blick gibt es zwischen den verschiedenen Cherry MX-Switches kaum Unterschiede, doch bei genauerem Hinsehen unterscheiden sich die Schalter deutlich. Here is a brief description of what they mean: Linear: Smooth and consistent keystroke with a quiet noise.Tactile: A small bump on each keystroke with a moderate noise.Clicky: A small bump on each keystroke with a loud click noise. This can result in extra switch wobble and movement when typing. How to Build a Custom Mechanical Keyboard. Ah yes, clicky switches, the bane of my existence. It comes down to personal preference and what you plan on using the switch for. For instance, they only require 45 grams of force to actuate, and they have a light touch fit for both gaming and typing. Unfortunately, Cherry does not currently produce a silent tactile switch, so you’ll need to look at the Gateron Silent Brown instead if you want a silent tactile switch. There are also specialty switches offered such as the Cherry MX Silent Red, and Silent Black, which are both awesome quiet options. 3 Gold Crosspoint contact. Mit patentierter CHERRY Mechanik und Er You should try both to decide whether you prefer a higher actuation force (blacks) or lighter (reds). The total travel distance on the MX Reds is 4mm with an actuation distance of 2mm which is standard for Cherry MX switches. In all honesty, Cherry MX does not have the best clicky switches due to their click jacket design, instead I would recommend the clicky Kailh BOX switches instead. Smooth switch with heavy resistance. Sort By: Show: Cherry MX Clear Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. With a tolerance of less than 0.01 mm, the component guides the switching slide precisely, forming the CHERRY MX keyswitch’s switching mechanism housing. Very loud. Well, you don’t. The switches are stress-tested in extreme temperatures and are pressed multiple times by a machine to validate how long they’ll keep their force curve. Trust us, the difference is night and day. No bump and relatively quiet. I’ve pretty much plastered you with everything I know about Cherry MX switches, which took a bit longer than expected. But based on our own testing, however, we found that these switches had little to no improvement in our reaction times. The Logitech G703 Hero delivers excellent gaming performance at a price tag that is lower than most with its performance. The MX Brown is still a tactile switch, however, so there’s still a bit more resistance at the midpoint. Logitech Romer-G Switches: Logitech paved the way for a bit of innovation in key switches. Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switch (RK-9000V2 RE) 4.6 out of 5 stars 813. The original Cherry MX Black is a linear switch, as is the Cherry MX Red. Trust me, do not be that guy that brings clicky switches to the office and annoys everybody to no end (looking at you KEVIN). Add To Cart Cherry MX Clear Keyswitch - PCB Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. Let's take a closer look at the G703. cherry mx rgb mechanical switches Constructed with Cherry MX RGB switches, ROG Strix Flare delivers the precise mechanical feel preferred by gamers and enthusiasts alike. Subscribe to get updates on the latest keyboard news, reviews, and giveaway updates. Add to cart … link to How to Take Better Photos Of Your Keyboard (Among Other Things), link to Logitech G703 Hero Review: Wireless For a Great Price, Cherry MX switches in each category and explain, had little to no improvement in our reaction times, Ultimate Guide: How to Lube your Switches, How to Lube your Switches without Desoldering. In dieser Rangliste sehen Sie als Kunde die Liste der Favoriten an Cherry Mx Red Switches, wobei Platz 1 den Vergleichssieger darstellen soll. In addition, you could get a speed or low-profile switch, which both have a shorter actuation distance to supposedly improve gaming reaction speeds (which we personally think is baloney). Are they really that much different from the main lineup, or is all marketing? While I interjected my opinion in several places, there is no right or wrong “best Cherry MX switch”. The silent switches are nearly identical to the main switch lineup except they come with rubber dampening on the stem to lower the decibel output on each keystroke. I personally wouldn’t recommend them for gamers and especially not for typists. Black switches are the same as red but with more actuation force. So, about an 80g actuation force and 90g bottom out. In unserem Cherry MX-Switch Guide haben wir ja bereits eine Übersicht über die verschiedenen Baureihen der deutschen Tasten-Schmiede Cherry zusammengestellt. A clicky and bumpy switch with medium resistance. Gateron switches for example, typically have a smoother keystroke and are way cheaper, but don’t have the high durability standards in exchange for the lower price. Cherry MX White switches are very similar to Green switches and are much less common. Cherry MX claims the Silent switches reduce the sound level by a whopping 30% compared to their non-silent sister, but from our testing it’s only 16%. Blue Cherry MX Switches . After purchasing a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches there are a ton of cool mods you can do to improve the feel and sound of the switches. $79.99 $ 79. The silent switches are offered in either Cherry MX Silent Red or Silent Black form, so you’ll be stuck to only linear. White switches sound like a muzzled Green switch and are almost like a tactile switch.

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