How to Making a Connecting Flight

While travelling by air, there might be a need to catch another flight from an intermediary location in order to reach the final destination. This need generally arises when there is no direct flight from a particular destination, or the journey requires a brief touch down and stopover at the intermediary location. These types of flights are called connecting or plane-change flights. It is important to distinguish between these two. The differentiation depends on whether both legs of journey are on same flight number and on same plane or not.

A connecting flight is the one which requires a change of aeroplane, and also a change of flight number. Passengers deboard from one airplane and board another one with different flight numbers.

If there is a change of plane with same flight number, it is called a direct service or a ‘plane change’ and is not truely a connection. A direct is not a non-stop flight service. It is called direct due to the same flight number.

Now, lets discuss some tips on how to use connecting flights. Since these require a change of plane and flight number, there is a need to ensure that there is sufficient time to check-in to connecting flight. Whether the connection will allow you to remain at one airport or will require movement to another one. Even if airport is same, would you have to move to a different terminal which is far off. All these aspects shall be looked into and those flights be selected with allow sufficient time for taking the next flight.

It is also worthwhile to note the type of airplane you would be flying on both legs of journey and whether you would comfortable with those. Since the planes could be altogether different, it is better to look into details of seating arrangements and the services on-board the planes.

Another point worth noting is that of prices. Generally, these are cheaper than the direct flights and can save you money. But, just make a check for prices.

With respect to your baggage, you must check whether through check in would be possible of you are required to check-in the baggage again. You must also check whether the connecting flight on a different airline would have a different allowance policy.