But this is not healthy at all, in fact it can delay your … Sex will also help you feel better, but sometimes it can shorten the period and also, to stop the period due to increased circulation. If you still want to do a cleanse while on your period, play it safe and keep it moderate. Remember, apple cider vinegar is not a quick fix for heavy menstrual bleeding. Choose an herbal tea or herbal supplement to take during menstruation. If you bloat during your period, then you know just how uncomfortable a swollen tummy can feel. "While unprotected sex is never a good idea, it is a particularly a bad idea when you have your period," says Knopman. Drinking enough of water Proper hydration of the body is essential at any moment in life, but in this case, can help in reducing or stopping the period. That said, vinegar has been shown to erode tooth enamel and cause acid reflux. DRINKING IT RIGHT AFTER EATING FOOD: You may think that drinking apple cider vinegar after food might aid weight loss. Rinse your mouth: Rinse with … And if you're not a fan, then the ACV diet might not be for you. Rinse your mouth after having it and wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. Take a glass of water and mix around 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar in it before drinking it. Here are a few methods you can try. Dilute it in a glass of water and drink it through a straw so that you prevent unnecessary exposure of your enamel to acetic acid. For the most part, drinking vinegar, diluted and in small quantities, is safe. This would prove most helpful when you drink three glasses every day. While red meat is a good source of iron, consuming fatty meats can actually make you feel worse during your period because it can lead to cramping, bloating, and … Common herbs and supplements that are used for cleanses are milk thistle, dandelion root, ginger, sarsaparilla, and parsley. When you're on your period, you're probably not as eager to reach for healthy, whole foods as you are chips and chocolate (those cravings are powerful), but if there's one thing you … Minimize your tooth exposure to acetic acid: Try diluting the vinegar in water and drinking it through a straw. While vinegar is not the complete answer to how to stop your period once it starts, it is definitely capable of slowing down the flow and of helping you manage it better. Vinegar. Apple cider vinegar in alternative circles has been claimed to do lots of beneficial things for us, all unproven, undocumented alternate wishy-washy nonsense, so the answer is no. "Blood is a good medium for viruses and other bugs. Listen, if you get periods, you don't need me to tell you how not-fun they can be to deal with. you can eat and drink as normal ; Contact the clinic before your appointment if: you think your period might arrive around the time of your appointment – you'll usually still be able to have the procedure, but in some cases you may be advised to postpone it ; you're pregnant – a colposcopy is safe during … Herbal Detox.