Finding Airline Job Opportunities

Many small airline companies have sprung up and have contributed to growth of the airline industry. Airlines today have eased the activity of traveling to places, which were once inaccessible or took several days to be reached by a ship. Such destinations have now come closer, and can be reached within hours. Moreover, the world-class facilities that airlines provide have made them a reliable mode of overseas as well as domestic transport.

Domestic Pilots

Well, another highly paid job in the airline industry is that of a pilot. Although the pay scales are high, they have to work for long hours and are considered to be highly responsible staff members. There are many flying schools that offer courses to become authorized and well-trained pilots. However, these courses are quite expensive, and therefore, one usually does not find many people going for this career option.

Cabin Crew

The most ‘in demand’ job in the airline industry is the cabin crew. The most important work of the cabin crew personnel is to take care of the passengers, answering to their queries and cater to their needs, serving snacks, drinks, and meals to the passengers, applying first aid if the situation arises, etc. To become a qualified cabin crew, you need to obtain a certification for it. For this, you can join institutes that conduct courses for air hostesses and flight stewards. These courses train and groom you for the airline industry, and their duration is normally 1 year or so. The eligibility criteria for such courses is a higher secondary certificate or an equivalent. Most people think that cabin crew jobs are mostly meant for women, and men do not have enough opportunities. However, every airline requires flight captains, and therefore, there are ample opportunities for men too.

Ticketing Executives

Another important job in the airline industry is the ticketing executive job. This job mainly deals with preparing itineraries for the passenger, creating PNRs (Passenger Name Record), issuing PTA (Prepaid Ticket Advice), and issuing tickets. But, doing all this is not possible unless you are properly trained and have the knowledge of airline codes, city codes, airport codes, ticketing rules and regulations, fare calculation procedure and techniques, usage of PAT (Passenger Air Tariff), etc. You need to complete at least a foundation ticketing course conducted by IATA (International Air Transport Association). This is a six month course, and the eligibility criteria is to have a higher secondary certificate or an equivalent. You can browse the Internet to find an IATA recognized institute in your city conducting courses for ticketing.

Airport Jobs

Another good option is airport jobs. Airports are huge and busy places, and the airport authorities continuously require to recruit staff for efficient work at the airports. The career options at an airport are immigration officers, guest relation executives, lobby managers, custom officers, air traffic controllers, etc. Airlines too recruit people and send them at their airport offices to assist customers for ticket reservations, cancellations, refunds, customer complaints, and to ensure better customer service. To pursue a career in any of the airport jobs, you need to undergo proper training and know all the important procedures pertaining to your job.