None of us had been there before but I had heard about the fishing and have kept it on my list for some time. Emigrant Wilderness - granite dome lakes << Hiking In Emigrant Summary Granite Dome Hike >> Stats to Reach Lakes. ... (80 km) south of Lake Tahoe. The remaining sections are sparsely vegetated granite ridges, with lakes and meadows scattered around the area. From the East:Take Highway 395 to Highway 108 West. 108, the Sonora Pass, is about 30 miles out of the town of Sonora. The Emigrant Wilderness is a "Federal Wilderness" area directly to the east of Stockton, California. turn left at a hairpin (right-hand) turn onto Forest Service road 77 (which is unmarked). And there was the fellow with his family who had camped along the shores of Emigrant Lake, complete with camping chairs and a car camping tent--clearly all delivered by mule. As something else new to us we decided that we would try a spot camp out of the Kennedy Meadows Pack Station. Yes, it took a 21 mile horse pack trip to find it. Mileage: 9 miles. Terrain varies from rolling hills to ridges and granite domes, with many lakes surrounded by stands of lodgepole pine. It was created, or at least enlarged, by a dam across the North Fork of Cherry Creek. One afternoon we had thunderstorms and hail for a copy of hours so don’t forget the rain gear. Emigrant Lake to be exact. It is an elongated area that extends northeast about 25 miles (40 km) in length and up to 15 miles (24 km) in width. With all the tent sites, we only saw two other groups, though admittedly it was after 10pm and dark so we didn’t look very hard. Lots of pegmatites and pancake inclusions (dark blobs of more mafic minerals), and flashing feldspar crystals to add variety. She's one of those athletic types, so we let her carry the stove and water filter to slow her down. RESERVATIONS HAVE TO BE MADE WITH AT LEAST 24 HOURS NOTICE … Mid July 18- 21, 2009, The Emigrant Wilderness. Emigrant Wilderness Area. Emigrant Wilderness Aug 15-21, 2020 This year’s big hike was into the Emigrant Wilderness. If you have a car with decent clearance, follow the dirt road With the exception of the marshy east end, it has rocky borders and islands. Emigrant Wilderness is in Stanislaus National Forest, North of Yosemite. The Sonora Pass to Bensen Lake backpacking map gives us a better overall view of the relationships between the TYT and PCT along the Sierra Crest South of Highway 108 through Emigrant Wilderness into the North Yosemite Wilderness. The trail weaves through the high alpine basin, crossing High Emigrant Lake, then to Emigrant Meadow Lake and continues to contour west moving through all the lakes and rivers. Elevation: +3000ft. The 3 trail junctions under Grizzly Peak in the High Emigrant Basin compose one of the best hubs of trails for anchoring a whole series of long and short backpacking trips exploring Emigrant Wilderness. The Gem Lake Loop is located in Emigrant Wilderness, which borders Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park, and offers incredible views, smaller crowds, and diverse terrain. The Emigrant Wilderness is a glaciated landscape of great scenic beauty. Notes: The Southern Emigrant Wilderness borders Yosemite National Park. by Jerry Yesavage ( ) If you know the issues and been here before, scroll down to the update at the bottom of the page for MAJOR, and then some less than MAJOR NEW DEVELOPMENTS. Most of the lakes are surrounded by lodgepole pine. We managed to squeeze in one final Sierra trip to Emigrant Wilderness before winter slammed the door. Sure, some of those other lakes require a lot of up-and-down and round-about hiking, but Buck Lakes will provide enough great fishing to keep you busy for a long weekend in the back country. The Emigrant Wilderness is one of the best-kept secrets of the High There is a variety of trailheads the angler can use as departure points. Weather: Clear and Cool Water Level: Good Moon Phase: New Moon Insects Observed: Big Slate colored may, size 12 at Emigrant Lake Flies: Prism Stimi, Black Gnat, BH GRHE Method: Dry fly to sighted fish. However, it lacks rocky points and inlets, so fishing is difficult without a boat. :-) This trip, we decided to go in to Granite Lake, which … I haven’t adventured much off of Sonora Pass, so I immediately said yes! The northeastern section of the wilderness is characterized by volcanic ridgelines and peaks. Definitely the deeper you go in the less people you see. Willow Point Making a Reservation for a campsite at Emigrant Lake RV Park or Oak Slope Campground (Follow Steps Below) DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Emigrant Meadow Lake was shallow and marshy The streams had dried up, leaving small puddles of algae and brook trout here and there. Buck Lakes are tucked away deep in the Emigrant Wilderness, with 20 other lakes within a three mile radius. October 4 - 6, 2019. There are so many trailheads, lakes, and worthwhile routes, that it would be impossible to name them all. Emigrant Lake Mokelumne Wilderness: September 13, 2010. It was also hunting season -- Emigrant is a Wilderness Area and plays by different rules than a National Park. The trailhead doubles as a camp where those heading into the Emigrant Wilderness can spend the night before beginning their trek. The lake was only a few inches deep. The secondary trails are often shortcuts to major destinations and can cut several miles off a trip which else follow the pack trail. Another access is further south at Lake Eleanor at Shingle Springs trailhead. It … The next morning we hiked the trail less traveled back to Emigrant Lake. Take the Cherry Lake Road out of Rainbow Pools on Hwy 120. Highest Elevation: 9200 ft. ... Ridge Lake can be reached either by continuing west after the first saddle in the route to Lewis Lake. Day 3 of a four day loop on the northern edge of the Emigrant Wilderness. Over the 4th of July weekend, my friend Blair invited me out on a girls’ only trip out to Granite Lake in Emigrant Wilderness. Starting at Emigrant Meadow lake and Grizzly Meadow we turned north along a little-used trail following the West Fork of the West Walker River to the Pacific Crest Trail, crossing into the Hoover Wilderness for a few miles, and then north along the Crest toward Sonora Pass.