Best Day to Buy An Airline Ticket

Airlines have started costing a fortune on their fares because of the endless comforts and facilities. And why shouldn’t they? Luxury travelers and businessmen have the benefits of traveling to any corner of this globe, anytime of the year. A lot of lives on this planet revolve around traveling, all thanks to the endless facilities of airline carriers.

With that said, it is not often easy to purchase an airline ticket. Many of us have to rely on our savings or work around several smart tricks to get the travel expense out of the way. Using the air miles is one of them to get the cheapest airline fare.

Since a very long time, customers have tried solve the mystery of selecting the best day to purchase an airline ticket. There have been several interesting revelations, all contradicting one another. It is important to understand that there is a myriad of complicated aspects that compiles the fare of an airline.

Whether you believe in any of these theories, it is never too early to begin booking for an upcoming holiday. Why not experience the secret of saving big on your upcoming journey?

Let’s find out the best day to buy airline tickets.

1. The Second Working Day

According to research done by many, Tuesday is the winner day when booking an airline ticket. Although there are still some contradictions with these findings, it is worth trying it out. The leading airlines announce their special deals on Monday evenings. Since other airline carriers are also eager to be part of this competition, they follow these airlines and announce their special deals too. So whether booking for Christmas or Thanksgiving, opt for a cheaper ticket on Tuesday, around 3 PM, EST!

A lot of speculators believing in the Tuesday theory also believe that these sales go on till Thursday so any time before that would be your amazing chance to buy a cheap airline ticket.

2. Saturday and Sunday

You tried and it never worked out? There’s always a Plan B, hidden somewhere of course.

People negating the theory of Tuesday believe in something else. According to them, times have changed and no company would want to wait for the fresh start of the week to announce their deals. Instead, this time could be used to gain more revenue from the sale of airline tickets. Supporting their theory, they believe Saturday and Sunday are the best times to buy airline tickets.

Why weekends, though?

Simply because social media has taken a lot of our worries away! Officials now have the benefit of announcing their offers at any time of the week. This is your chance to look out for great bargains.