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Tips on Choosing The Right Flight School

Flying an aircraft is the most exhilarating activity man could ever learn, and where height is the ultimate challenge. It takes both skills and dogged determination so as to obtain a career in navigating an aircraft.

Determination is an innate quality that pilots must possess in order to endure the rigid training of flight operations.

On the other hand, skills are being learned in a flight school. That is why, it is important for a pilot wannabe to get the best flight school available so as to acquire the necessary skills needed in order to pilot an aircraft.

In this manner, it can be assumed that the skill of a pilot will be entirely dependent on the type of flight school he or she has enrolled in. It can be considered that all flight schools teach the same basic procedure in navigating an aircraft but the kind of approach they use in disseminating the information varies.

For this reason, it is a must for every aspiring pilot to deliberate upon the requisites of an efficient flight school. To determine its efficiency, here’s a checklist on what to look for in a flight school:

1. Proficient instructors

What the students learn will depend on how efficient the instructor is. That’s why, it is important to check on the capabilities and qualities of the instructors in a certain flight school so as to ensure efficient and effective training.

2. Flight course

A good flight school must have a comprehensive and innovative pilot course. So, when looking for one, you must check on the details of the course outline. It must have thorough specifications on the lesson plans, learning goals, and the date of every flying session.

Remember to check the course outline for the addition of pre and post-flight consultation and stage checks.

3. The training tools

The training tools are very crucial in the learning process. These will initiate the proper learning process. Hence, when looking for good flight schools, check if they have diagrams, computer, videos, and model training tools. It will keep your discussions more realistic and comprehensive.

4. Check the aircraft.

A good and efficient flight schools must have enough aircraft to convene to your flight training needs. The aircraft should also be well equipped with different gadgets that will resemble to the actual aircraft being used. There should be Mode C transponder, and intercom.

Check also if the aircraft are properly maintained and well taken care of.

5. Services

Like any typical schools, flight schools must also have comfortable, sanitary, sufficient classroom size and number. It must also have other facilities like lounge, library, and flight planning area.

6. Payments and Refunds.

Be sure that the flight school you want to enrol in should have refund policies. Otherwise, do not pay the tuition fee in full.

So, now that you know the very essential factors that you have to consider in choosing a flight school, the next thing that you have to do is to look for a good flight school and have your registration forms ready.

But before you register, here are some things that you have to do first:

1. Gather data

Now that you have a checklist, it would be easier for you to look for a good flight school. But first, you must compile all the probable flight schools in a list. In doing so, you will have a vision on how many probable flight schools are there in your area.

2. Check on the two flight schools

Personally visit the two top flight schools of your choice. Evaluate the flight school if it is good enough for your training. Use your checklist when evaluating the school.

You can further maximize your evaluation by interviewing some students in the school and the instructors. Through their answers, you can get the hint if the flight school is good or not.

3. Decisive moment

After all of these things had been done, it is now high time that you finally decide which flight school is good for you. Just keep in mind that when choosing a flight school make sure that it had met all the requirements you need in your checklist.

Also, it is important that you consider the tuition fee. Do not be too constraint with the high tuition fees of flight schools. Besides, you can always expect some quality training in expensive flight schools. There may come a time that even if you have chosen a cheaper flight school, you might only end losing more in the end.


Ways to Find Airline Jobs

The Middle East/ Gulf region is one of the top destinations for overseas employment for people from all around the world because of the highly paid jobs manifested by the cities’ excellent economy. Hence, many believe that getting a job in Middle East would actually settle them financially for life. These people try to get jobs in Middle East and actively seek them through various means.

Working in Airline is something special; you might get to one day fly in an airplane painted like a bird if you land a job with an airline. There are many Gulf jobs available including pilot, air traffic controller and airline attendant. This article includes information about the positions and what you can expect your daily duties to be with each.

There are some instructions in Airline jobs you have to follow:

1. Check with individual airlines. Airline companies have comprehensive job listings by qualification, position and location. Do a search at the airlines webpage to find airline jobs available near you.

2. Try job boards or employment agencies. Many large companies, including airlines will use an employment company to help find suitable applicants for jobs. Check online and offline for possible airline positions.

3. Be available for travel. Many great airline jobs require travel or relocation. If you’re in a position to travel or relocate, let the airline know this in your resume or application. The ability to travel could enhance your chances of being hired.

4. Know that extensive training may be involved depending on the position you’re applying for jobs in Gulf. Ask in advance what training is required for your position and how long training will be. Many airlines offer paid job training.

5. Understand that airline employees must pass rigorous background checks. Express any concerns and ask questions before applying for the job.

6. Better your odds. Flexible schedules and bilingual abilities will greatly improve your chances of getting an airline job. Be sure to point out these qualities in your resume, application and interviews.

Final Steps in the Recruitment Process along with Cash Benefits

After the selection process/interview, you will either be accepted or rejected for the position. You may need to complete some other tests, additional applications or other requirements. Lastly, Human Resources Employee Services will contact you to arrange your move to Dubai and any other details for you to start work. You will then sign all the necessary documents, including the official employment contract.

For Example, If you receive a job offer from Emirates Airline, it will offer you a complete benefits and salary package. Since most employees do not live in Dubai and must relocate from abroad, Emirates offers not only a tax-free salary, but it also provides accommodations or an accommodation allowance and transportation or a transportation allowance.

Other additional benefits for all employees are: a 30-day holiday schedule and an end-of-service bonus payment. For qualified employees in high-level roles, extra benefits include: free annual tickets to your home country, tuition reimbursement, life insurance, medical/dental insurance, retirement fund and a pension fund.

How to Choosing The Best Time Of Day For Flying

It’s summer vacation time again, and this year, you should do something fun and exciting. A helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon would be the perfect experience. You’ll have several choices when it comes to helicopter tours, so you’re sure to find one that fits the time and adventures that interest you.

Timing The Tour

Summer is very hot in the Grand Canyon, and you can expect the temperatures to climb up to 100 degrees. If you hate hot weather and prefer to stay cool, book an early morning tour or one that flies in the late evening.

Taking an early morning tour is a great way to begin your day, and the good thing is you will still have plenty of the day left after the tour to do other fun things. Just remember the sun rises early too, and if you leave too early the glare from the sun might get in the way of your sightseeing.

Therefore, if you want to fly early and have the best sightseeing experience, you should pick a flight that departs between 8 am and noon. The air is less turbulent in the mornings too, and it is less hazy than later in the day.

Plus, thunderstorms are more likely in the afternoons on hot summer days and by flying early, you can avoid the rain and a choppy ride. If you book an afternoon flight, it has a higher risk of being canceled due to frequent afternoon thunderstorms.

An evening flight is the perfect way to wrap up a fun day of vacationing. It’s cooler in the evening and you’ll be treated to a colorful sunset view. The air fills with dust during the day and those particles add bright colors to the sky as the sun sets over the canyon. If you opt for a deluxe helicopter tour, you’ll also be treated to a fantastic aerial tour of the lights of Vegas on your return flight.

The Difference In Helicopters

Besides choosing the departure time for your flight, you also have to choose your aircraft. A lot of the tours use Bell Ranger helicopters, but the deluxe tours fly on EcoStar 130 aircraft. You’ll still get good views from a Bell Ranger, but if it’s comfort you want, book a flight on an EcoStar. The EcoStar helicopters provide the best possible views from their panoramic windows, plus the ride is very comfortable thanks to larger cabins, improved stability of the aircraft, less cabin noise, and comfortable climate control. So you should consider booking a deluxe tour if you can.

Which Rim Is Best

You can choose to take a helicopter tour of the South Rim or the West Rim. If you’ll be in Vegas, you’ll have many West Rim tours to choose from since the West Rim is a lot closer to Vegas than the South Rim.

If you opt for a deluxe helicopter tour out of Vegas, you’ll even receive complimentary transportation to and from your hotel in a limo. Vegas South Rim tours are a little more complicated since the South Rim is too far for a Vegas chopper to fly to, instead, you’ll have to get to the South Rim another way such as airplane or tour bus.

If you like adventure, then the West Rim is the best destination because you can book a tour that descends into the canyon and lands on the canyon floor. If you’d rather see beautiful vistas, then the South Rim is best because it is a very beautiful part of the canyon.

The South Rim tours can be upgraded to include a little adventure too, for instance, you can add on a Jeep tour. The Jeeps hold nine passengers and they give you an exciting ground tour of some notable Grand Canyon landmarks.

The Ultimate Vacation Awaits

A Grand Canyon tour is a great way to spend a vacation day this summer. A Grand Canyon trip is perfect for a romantic celebration or a fun-filled family vacation. There are several tours and adventures you can choose from to match your interests. An exciting and fun vacation experience is waiting for you.

Best Las Vegas Strip Helicopters

A helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, which you can take out of Las Vegas, is the most fun and comprehensive way to experience the massive landmark. Here are a few tips you want to know about before you plan your tour. Not all of the Las Vegas tours lift off from the city itself, some of them take off from a neighboring city such as Henderson, Boulder City, or North Las Vegas. Those departure points are okay, but you can save some commute time by booking a flight that departs from the Strip in Vegas.

Lights Of Vegas

One fun reason to book a helicopter tour that departs from the Strip is that you get to see Neon Boulevard and all its colorful lights on your return flight from the canyon. The pilot gives you a bird’s eye view of the Strip and notable landmarks like the Luxor Pyramid and the Stratosphere Tower. Not only that you’ll see the Manhattan skyline of the New York-New York, the Bellagio fountains, the Paris Eiffel Tower, and the MGM Emerald City.

Plus, this tour offers transportation to and from your Vegas hotel by limousine. If you’ll be in Vegas for an anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon celebration, this tour will make it more special. The flights that depart from the Strip in Vegas utilize state-of-the-art EcoStar 130 sightseeing choppers too.

The EcoStar 130 offers the best flight experience when you tour the Grand Canyon. The cabin is about 25 percent bigger than a basic helicopter so you have more room, and this allows for more comfortable seating, plus you will ride in climate controlled comfort. The aircraft has a 180-degree panoramic windshield for the best views below you, plus the chopper is designed to give you a nice, smooth flight. The older-style helicopters used in he basic tours aren’t nearly as comfortable or as nice.

Options In Air Tours

First of all, decide if you want to land at the canyon and add on some adventures, or if you just want to fly over the region and circle back to Vegas. Both tours give you an aerial overview of the Colorado River, the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and the Hoover Dam, but the only tours that set down at the canyon are the landing tours. The air-only tours take you over all the main landmarks and scenic high points in the region and the fly on back to Vegas without landing. You’ll see the same sights on a landing tour but you’ll also get to land on the top or bottom of the rim and get out and enjoy fun activities on foot. The champagne picnic tour is particularly fun because it comes with an exhilarating descent to the canyon floor along with a champagne toast once you get there. However, that’s just the start of your fun because you can also add on a pontoon boat ride along the Colorado River and tickets to walk out on the world-famous glass Skywalk.

Once you settle on a tour, it’s important you book it online as soon as you can. Seats on Grand Canyon helicopter tours fill up fast. Booking early ensures you get a seat on the tour and it is also a great way to get a good discount on the price. To be on the safe side, you may want to go ahead and book your tour at the same time you make your hotel reservations so everything is locked in place. If you wait until 48 hours in advance, the tour will probably be full and if it isn’t, it’s likely you’ll have to pay more for the same seats.

Once tour day arrives, be sure to dress for the weather at the canyon. Summertime is hot at the canyon and 100 degree temperatures are common. Wear comfortable clothes that breathe on you so you can stay as cool as possible. Carry extra water with you and protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. Don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes too if you plan on walking around the canyon. Salty snacks will keep hunger at bay and give you energy for exploring the canyon in the hot sun.

Get Ready For Some Fun

The chopper tours that depart from the Vegas Strip are convenient and offer the utmost in comfort and options. You’ll get an aerial view of Vegas as well as free limo transportation. Fortunately, these tours utilize the EcoStar 130 chopper, so no matter where you sit, you’ll get a great view. All these perks make these tours very popular, so you want to book yours as early as you can. If you delay, the tour may be sold out, and if you do get a seat, you’ll probably have to pay more for it.